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2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work

I have discovered an issue in 2.1 when A Collborative wiki is set up and Visible Groups enabled.

The idea is for students to edit their own Wiki's within their group but be able to view other groups.

However, I have found that an administrator, teacher or student cannot navigate between groups by clicking the 'Visible Groups' drop down bar. It will simply freeze on the Group's first page they have access to. This doesn't seem to be a problem if 'Separate Groups' is enabled.

I have also found that default orphaned pages are created (see image) that appear as the first page, but not the same first page a student in a group edited - duplicate first pages seem to be created.

I have tested this on:

1. On our institutional Moodle site,as teacher, student and administrator.
2. On the Moodle Demo site, as a teacher and student

And the same issue appears with each site.

Could someone replicate or answer this problem? I'm hoping it's a not a bug with 2.1!

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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work

Hi Gemma

Put so nicely - I was trying to explain this although not very well in my post on the 14th November.  It isn't working very well at all with separate groups.  Have a look at the following link!  It implies that the wiki doen't supports visible groups,  It implies that a fix has been implemented so I assume it will be released at some time.




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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work
Group Testers

We're having the same problem with the wiki and visible groups.  The dropdown to move between groups produces random results. Some work - some don't.

I notice the Wiki code seems to have changed since our version of Moodle 2.1.1 from August - does anyone know if this fix is now effectively live and released?

Perhaps a quick upgrade to 2.1.2+ might be the solution.

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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work

We are currently on 2.1.2 so hopefully it will be resolved in the next release...

Separate Groups solves the issue for the moment, but we will see...

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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work
Group Testers

I've found a workaround of sorts for the wiki navigation problem. (Note that all links on this post are fake - but you probably guessed that).

Where you have visible groups and find you cannot use the drop-down to view different group wikis, you can cheat and produce navigation links that will work, by copying the style of the separate groups URLs.

For example - My broken wiki

a typical visible groups URL is

that's formed of these items (the page we are calling - wiki view)
    ?wid=435 (the wiki id)
    &gid=1517 (the group id)
    &uid=0 (a userid of zero)
    &title=My%20broken%20wiki (title of wiki - note that %20 is a space)

the equivalent separate groups URL is

so that's  (the page we are calling - same as before)
    ?wid=435 (the wiki id - same as before)
    &title=My%20broken%20wiki (the title)
    &group=1517 (the group id)

Spot the difference?

They're different - but the separate groups URL seems to work. So all we need to do is fake a few links and put them on the page.

If you don't know the id numbers of your groups(!) you can do a view source on the wiki page and copy the HTML for the dropdown into a text editor. It will look something like this -

<option value="0">All participants</option>
<option value="1521">Arts</option>
<option value="1514">business</option>
<option value="1525">Community Relations</option>

This will show you the group ids and group names - for example business is 1514.

Work out what a typical separate groups URL is going to be and test it. So in our case - business is group 1514 so we can deduce the URL is

If this works, all we need to do is change the group id on the end for each group. So the rest of it is a cut and paste job.

The finished links can be put in a label on the page and even copied into the wiki description.

It's messy

It's not elegant but it has worked for us. I sincerely hope the wiki gets fixed in future releases and look forward to testing it out in some future beta release.

In the meantime - hope this helps!

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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work

Thank you Peter for this work around. I am using Moodle 2.2 and there is still an issue with the visible group settings. As a teacher I could not see the different groups and was unable to assess the work of my students when working in groups using the wiki. As I consider the collaborative work using the wiki on of the most important part of my course I was seriously considering going back to 1.9. Your work around saved me.

Here are some additional hints to make it a bit easier for the students and the teacher when using the visible group mode.

Create a horizontal line menu in the Wiki description using:

Wiki administation -> Edit settings

screen shot Wiki description edit

I linked each team to their wiki as described by Peter. To make it easier for me, I forced each team to have the same first page name ( in my case http://......../mod/wiki/view.php?wid=7&title=Company&group=2) and all you have to do is change the group number for each group. (I am not sure but different names for the first page with each group might be part of the problem). I normally create an empty first page for each group and once created the editing members of a group can't change the name of that first page.

To save vertical space, I only put the one line menu in the Wiki description - the Wiki description shows at the top on each created parent and child wiki pages. Students see only the menu bar at the top of each wiki page. You have to instruct the students not to use the wiki's pull-down group selection menu.

I give the instructions for the activity on a different page I only can edit. All you have to do is create a group with only the teacher and non-editing teacher as a  member. Because the group mode is "visible" all the students can see the information (in my case I called the link "Useful Information")

I had a quick look to see if I could change the code of the wiki's pull-down group selection menu and change it with Peter's parameters. I hope somebody with more time and Moodle code knowledge can fix this problem.

I have used many different LMS platforms but Moodle is the best. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to this excellent Open Source software. I could not teach without it!

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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work

I have reported this issue at and hope it will be fixed soon. We're currently on 2.1.3.

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Re: 2.1 Collaborative Wikis and Visible Groups Do Not Work

 We are on Moodle 2.1.3 and have the same issue.

The HMTL code in the page name seems to happen if the tutor or admin clicks on each students group page and creates the page for the group.

If the students create their own page (without the tutor clicking on and creating the group pages) then the page names displayed correctly.

When the tutor created all the pages then we saw two pages appear under the Map shown.

extra page


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