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Integration Round 2011-11-15 Summary - Moodle 2.2 beta

Sam Hemelryk
Integration Round 2011-11-15 Summary - Moodle 2.2 beta
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Integration this week took longer than usual and in fact ran throughout the entire week with the last issue being integrated on Tuesday the following week.
This was because of the impending code freeze in preparation for the release of Moodle 2.2.

Cold numbers:

64 issues have been successfully integrated and 13 have been pushed back for further work. That's a success rate of 83%! Not a bad effort given the quantity of exciting new features and improvements in this weeks haul.

Exciting new features in master:

  • The new IMS-LTI module was integrated this week.
  • The MyMobile theme is now in core. A new theme for Moodle 2.2 especially designed for shiny mobile devices.
  • There's a new plugin type available now for Reports that allows general reporting on several context levels. Several reports within Moodle have already been converted to the report plugin type.
  • A new report plugin type has been introduced. This will allow developers to create a broader range of reports more easily and will in a future release see the course reports plugin type deprecated.
  • Advanced grading methods have also made the cut this week and are now in core. Check out what you can do with them within the assignment module.
  • The first half of Common Cartridge Import/Export has also been integrated this week. It is now possible to restore courses from a common cartridge format.

Hot topics:

  • Improved consistency of user selectors throughout Moodle with more fields than ever being selectable.
  • A new scorn report plugin this week to report on interactions.
  • A handful of performance and usability issues this week, most notably better handling of session locks and enrolment caching.
  • Numerous areas have received multiple fixes this week including Themes, Quiz, Question, Token login, and SCORM.

This weeks thanks:

A big thank you to all those who participated in the significant new features and improvements for the upcoming release.
And of course our top integrator Eloy Lafuente who forgot to mention his phenomenal efforts in last weeks integration summary.

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