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Integration Round 2011-11-02 Summary

One poor developer...
Integration Round 2011-11-02 Summary
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Cold numbers:

35 issues have been succesfully integrated and 3 have been rejected / delayed. That is 92% success, really high, congrats!

Hot topics:

  • Various unused / outdated libraries have been deleted from master.
  • Specially noticeable is the departure of the glorious and old Global Search. Bye, bye. Sort of alternative should arrive, to cover that functionality in upcoming versions.
  • All core (master) legacy (1.9) filters and locations are out, they will be supported (deprecated) still under 2.2 but will completely banned in 2.3.
  • Various security issues, potentially aiming to immediate new minor releases have been detected and fixed.
  • SCORM / Themes / Enrolments have received multiple fixes this week.

Warm thanks:

  • Of course, to everybody that collaborated in the Process.
  • Specially to Sam Hemelryk and Aparup Banerjee, the rest of the integration team, for their dedication with the Task and patience supporting me. You will hear from them in this "bl0g".

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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