Adaptive Mode and Questions

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Adaptive Mode and Questions

I searched through the Moodle Docs on the Adaptive Mode feature for quizzes, but am having a hard time finding anything useful, or any examples of what the state of the art is in adaptive testing.

Applying penalties to an adaptive test isn't really adapting the test to the learner. Instead, a truly adaptive test would be one that assesses the learner as the test starts based on their answers and branches to a question bank according to their perceived weaknesses or strengths. It is a true formative assessment strategy.

I don' tsee this in Moodle, but I have not seen any innovative uses of Moodle in this regard.

Does anyone have any recommended methods or favorite strategies, and/or a favorite demo Moodle that can show what can be achieved using a true adaptive testing model? If so, I would love to see what has been done. Anyone care to share?

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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Adaptive Mode and Questions
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You are correct. Moodle's adaptive mode is not adaptive testing in the sense you mean, despite the fact it uses the same word in its name.

Two other things that are not quite what you are looking for:

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Re: Adaptive Mode and Questions

Hi Doug,  

as you have noticed adaptive mode is not really adapted to the learner!

Tim give good indications to the lesson module and to a new hypothetical module.

The biggest problem with adaptive activities is the time required to create them! The lesson module permit some adaptive but it will be very long to author your questions with appropriate distractors and appropriate navigation in the questions tree.

If you search forums with "adaptive" then you will have more than 1000 posts, some of these approaching your definition of adaptive.

I am working part time and slowy on that since few years. If you search "adaptive Bernard" you will get about 50 posts about my slow work. But thing are starting to work as expected wink and the generator is working well with simples questions and some more complex. The adaptive part, the navigation is not ready yet but two ways to reach it are tested and worked:

1 - Generation of lesson in xml with controlled navigation

2 - Revealing hidden cloze questions in a quiz adapted to student answer to previous question.

The framework I use is based on Itamar work:


All in javascript, nothing to modify in Moodle, works with Moodle versions 1.9 2.0 and 2.1 wink

The project is named Socrate as it will appear as a socratic dialogue to the student!

"Socrate" was created in a SCORM form: you can see a french auto-presentation here.

The file is heavy ( 41 Mb ) be patient.
The new version is on the way to  be adapted to Moodle without the SCORM portion in "native mode".

If you have some french reading capabilities here is a long presentation that show the bases of Socrate.

I hope it may help,


Salutations from Québec,




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Re: Adaptive Mode and Questions

Hi, For an existing general purpose adaptive testing engine see:


Also to learn about testing models used for adaptive testing, see the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT).


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