Chat Interface

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Chat Interface

I created a chat in 2.0 and everything works well but when I click on the chat from the course homepage the option to "Click here to enter the chat now" does not appear.  Only the "Use more accessible interface" appears.  How can I get back the "Click here to enter the chat now" link?

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Khyam Shahzad
Re: Chat Interface (Solved)

I faced the same issue and from code I found that the link is conditional and it's checking the user profile option "Screen Reader". 

The solution is to just edit the user profile and set "Screen Reader" attribute to "No". 

if (empty($USER->screenreader)) {
$params['id'] = $chat->id;
$chattarget = new moodle_url("/mod/chat/gui_$CFG->chat_method/index.php", $params);
echo '<p>';
echo $OUTPUT->action_link($chattarget, $strenterchat, new popup_action('click', $chattarget, "chat$course->id$chat->id$groupparam", array('height' => 500, 'width' => 700)));
echo '</p>';

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