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Moodle mobile app for iPhone now available

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Moodle mobile app for iPhone now available

Moodle mobile app dashboardI'm pleased to announce that the official Moodle mobile app for iPhone is now available for download (free!) from the Apple Online Store:

Mobile app features include:

  • A record audio function with option to upload to your private files area in Moodle
  • Access to the list of participants in your courses with options to send a Moodle message, add a note or add user contact details to your mobile address book
  • Offline mode with automatic synchronization when you're next online

For further details, see the Mobile app documentation. Note that app only works with Moodle 2.1 or later and mobile web services must be enabled on your Moodle site.

The mobile app has been developed by the Moodle HQ team with special credit to Dongsheng Cai and Jerome Mouneyrac. Thanks to everyone who has helped with testing.

Feedback on the app is always welcome. Please join the discussions in the Moodle for mobile forum and report any bugs in the tracker, selecting Moodle for Mobiles as the project.

Finally, if anyone is interested in developing the Moodle mobile app for Android, please contact Martin.