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"what might lead to a better moodle UI is examining it's mission. Who is it supposed to serve?"

My answer to this is, most important first:

  1. Learners. We are trying to provide learners with effective and engaging educational experiences.
  2. Teachers. In our cultures, the design of the educational experience the student gets is directly defined and confgured by people who go by a varienty of names but let us calle them teachers.
  3. Others. These include techical and institutional administrators, support staff, regulators, examiners, ...

So, I think your three suggestions all relate to some of the least important users, although they are far from un-important.

Comparing the student experience of the quiz between 1.5 (when I became quiz maintainer) and where we are now, think we have come a long way.

For teachers, I think they have suffered, because we have added features that make it possible for teachers to create a much richer range of experiences for students, which has necessarily greatly increased the range of configuration options, and hence the complexity of the UI. The time has come do do something about that.

My rather idealised list of who we are supposed to serve is counteracted somewhat by reality. What I mean is that if you look at the people who engage in this forum, and in the bug tracker, you will see a lot of adminstrators and developers, some teachers, and almost no students.

Therefore, the wish-list requiests we are most likely to hear directly come from admins, and teacher. Of course, admins will request things on behalf of their teacher and students. Teachers will request things on behalf of their students, and so the full picutre is reasonably balanced.

None-the-less, a lot of things that get done do make life easier for adminstrators.

If you want to read more of what I have written about this in the past, see http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Goals_of_an_online_assessment_system

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Re: edit quiz questions

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

Moodle is to students what a school building is to students. In fact the analogy applies all the way to administrators. So right now you got an antiquited looking building that has been patched up furiously to get it up to date with current standards, but the patchwork is evident. High-speed cabling snakes around every corner, decaying, obsolete in the face of wi-fi. Teachers carry bagfulls of clipboards, pagers, cellphones, laptops, with what once was the latest inovation, each with it's own  interface.

That is moodle right now. someone has to stand outside and look at the whole thing and realize....we need more that spackling.

Sure, students are the most important users, but I would say that Moodle serves those who dispense education. Specially the non techies who see the opportunity to teach whithout the huge expense of technical know-how.

The more moodle becomes the perview of techies the less relevant it becomes. because we techies know thta a lot of the stuff moodle does we can do faster without having moodle get in the way. We stick with moodle as long as the balance of what our admininstrators, teachers, and support staff can do offsets what we do. Quizes in my case (not the only issue by far though) is one where admins and teachers have given up and simply shifted the task to us. However, the bill will soon hit and  well.... we will see.



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Re: edit quiz questions
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I think the school building analogy is a good one, but I don't recognise the description you give. It is not *that* bad.

I think the classrooms are reasonably attractive (although that depends a lot on what posters the teacher chooses to hand on the walls, but the staff rooms and the office space are pretty messy.

And we are gradually fixing it.

If you have not already found it, you would probably appreciate this thread: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=216687

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