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Help needed in translating Moodle

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Help needed in translating Moodle

One of Moodle's great strengths is that it is translated into many different languages - currently over 90, as listed on the downloads page Moodle 2.0 language packs.

All language packs are work-in-progress though, as developers continue to add new language strings to Moodle. As with other areas of Moodle, from time to time translators move on, and so new volunteers are needed to keep up the good work. If your language appears in the list of language packs without a maintainer and you'd like to volunteer to become language pack maintainer, please contact our translation coordinator, Koen Roggemans.

For further details of how you can help with translating Moodle, please see the translation documentation.

As always, a big thank you to all our translators, as listed in the Translation credits, and also to Koen for his work as translation coordinator.