Parents cannot see their childs grade

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I am not sure why the link in the navigation tab is there, but I think the developers on this thread are overlooking that link, and instead are clicking on the course link in the "course profiles" section in the middle of the page and THEN clicking on the grade book.

That is what the instructions say to do, but it is non-intuitive, which is why you've all missed it.

Developers: if the link in the navigation bar

Users -> Joe Student -> Activity Reports -> Grade (which links to /course/user.php?mode=grade&id=1&user=20 )

is supposed to be different than:

Current course -> Course Name-> Participants -> Joe Student -> Activity Reports -> Grade (links to: /course/user.php?mode=grade&id=3&user=20 )


probably you should make that more clear.


The person's hack suggested above to show all courses when clicking on that link, is a good one (I didn't check or use the code, but the idea sounds good).

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Hi all and great work on this module,

I'm stuck on this too.

I can confirm that in Moodle 2.5.2, while the grades show when you substitute id=1 with the course id the student is enrolled in, the appropriate links are not shown in the mentees block when you click on the course in the student profile. To explain:

- You setup the parent role according to the documentation and assign the parent to the student

- You login as a parent and want to check the students grades let's say for Math class, with id 41.

- In the mentees block you see: Profile settings for student1 -> Activity Reports -> Grade. This will not show any grades of course, since the course id is 1.

- In the student profile, where you see the courses the student is enrolled in, you click on the course you want to display grades for.

- In the next page that loads, there are no links to the grades for this course!

- If on the first link (course/user.php?mode=grade&id=1&user=6) you change the id to 41 for example, then you will see the appropriate grades.

- Also, I have to say, that in a video tutorial for moodle 2.0 that explained how to setup the parent role, a few permissions were left so the role wouldn't work out of the box - i got an error that the parent could not see the student profile, but I can't recall the extra permissions I had granted now. I will check into it.


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Did you find any permissions that were missing?

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Jon, I have looked into the permissions as this problem is a big issue for me. I could not find any fix through permissions but have found a workaround by allowing guest access to course pages with the grades you want 'parents' to see. You would have to change permissions to limit the capability of guests to only view and not participate and stop students from being able to see all courses. The mentees block and activity report>>grades should then work as it should do.