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Sync, not export, Moodle calendar to Google calendar

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Sync, not export, Moodle calendar to Google calendar

I've seen some similar posts in this forum but nothing has really been answered and I don't think this question, specifically, has been asked.  We have grades 6 - 12 at our school and each teacher will have their own "Moodle page."  I, for example, teach two courses (8th and 9th grade history).  What we're trying to do is create a grade-level "assignment calendar" so that students in a particular grade can look at a calendar to see assignments specific to them as opposed to seeing a calendar filled with assignments for all grade levels.  I like the idea of embedding a Google calendar in Moodle as Google calendars can be created for each grade level and then tailored to display a specific grade level in Moodle.  However, the issue I have is a step before that.  We have six teachers who teach 9th grade classes.  As it is, in order for each teacher to update the 9th grade Google calendar, they would each have to export their Moodle calendar EVERY DAY and, to be honest, most teachers are not very tech-savvy and would have an issue with this, in addition to griping about having to do more work.  What I'm looking for is some kind of plugin that would automatically sync a teacher's Moodle calendar with the Google calendar for their grade level.  Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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