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Student Transcripts and Progress

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Student Transcripts and Progress

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to start off by saying that I love moodle, and I have been using it happily for over a year now. I have always thought that there is one major element missing from moodle and that is progress and completion elements.

A lot of times it seems that students don't get a sense of progress in a course because there is an outlined path for them to follow but there are no restrictions. Students have the ability to jump around a course without having completed previous lessons. It would be nice to have some kind of restriction on this like at universalclass.com For example, a student has to go into a resource and at the bottom mark it complete. I have seen that many people are working on something like this, but I haven't seen any testable versions of it.

Another thing that would be great to implement into moodle would be a courses completed page or transcript. This could be a little page that is accessible from a students profile, and once the course is completed the teacher could mark it complete to have it listed on this page. This page could list the course title, percentage and grade letter for that class. I thought this would give students a sense of overall course progress and be a great feature for online universities to build upon.

Also, for this feature request it would be neat if teachers could place notes on a students profile. I am using some code so that I can do this but it is very old code that I found here on the moodle site, but it works okay.

I just thought I would make some suggestions and see if anyone is working on these things if not, perhaps I will assemble a small team and we can get working on things like this. Does any one have any ideas on where to start with this, or any currently constructed code that could be implemented into moodle? I just think that having a transcript and allow students to officially complete a course is an important and extremely useful feature to have.

Thank you for your timesmile
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Re: Student Transcripts and Progress

I think these threads will be useful to you.

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A post by Timothy Takemoto in the "
Activities linking in meantime for Moodle 1.4" thread should be very helpful and provides the following links,

Might be helpful to place a call out to other developers regarding what you are trying to do in the Developers Forum,


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Re: Student Transcripts and Progress
Hey out of all the threads I searched in these forums I figured this very thing would have come up more considering there is quite honestly no way to deal with this effectively with a simple Excel File.

Now I have used the FlashReport from www.TuFat.com since I have a developers license for many of their products I figured we could make something work for Moodle, but the setting up is more than just complex and there is a spacing issue that needs dealing with.

So has anyone really considered an offline solution using the downloaded grades? I mean there must have been something someone considered using?

I'm considering an MS Access DB that imports the Excel file but man if this doesnt solve a situation with a deadline.big grin

Any direction would be great as the original poster had mentioned.
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