Display of the grader report

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Display of the grader report

It would be neat if the grader report in gradebook followed the same layout than the completion tracking report, with graded activities displayed vertically.

Cheers, Franck


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Re: Display of the grader report
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I looked at this and found it difficult to implement across browsers.

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Re: Display of the grader report

I'm having a similar concern. We're running 2.0 and I'm running my moodle course for 85 students divided in 4 groups. Because I have ~20 students in each group and many assignments, when I view the Grader Report, the table is larger than the screen both horizontally and vertically.

3 issues about this situation are very inconvienient and make the Grader Report hard to use on a daily basis:

  1. As mentioned in the previous post, it would be extremely nice not to have the table spread so far horizontally. Just within 1 cycle, I may have 50 assignments and if each one takes up an inch of screen I have to scroll a lot. I know you said that it was difficult but I think it would make the Grader Report much more user friendly. So maybe there is some tricky fix somewhere.
  2. Another issue is if the row height of the grade book could be minimized. I found this thread about it but it's from 2004 and much has changed since then. By minimizing or at least controlling the height of the row, many more students can be seen at once. Again, it is the amount of students which makes this a bothersome problem.
  3. Lastly, a small yet important issue. When the table extends horizontally past the available screen, the scroll bar for the table is at the bottom of the table. This means that I have to scroll down to the bottom of the table, scroll over to the assignment I want, and then scroll up again to make sure that I'm at the right assignment because I can't see the top of the table. Again very bothersome and making an otherwise good feature into a hassle. Is it possible to place the horizontal table scroll at the top of the table?

I would very much appreciate any help that could be offered about these concerns and thank you very much for all the good work you guys do.


A. Ressaissi