Global Gradebook

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Global Gradebook

Hi All

Just to re-ask a question which I know has come up many, many times over the years we've been using Moodle...

What progress is there on a global gradebook?  i.e. A cohort of student take, say 10 courses and complete the assignments in all of them: the global gradebook then holds all the students aggregate marks for all 10 courses in one place.

There appeared to be something on the roadmap for 2.0, but it has disappeared since the roadmap was moved.

Obvisouly we now have the Overview Report for individual students - which is kinda useful in a very limited way.  But we still don't have the cohort/group level overview which is so critical to the classroom teacher to see how his whole class is progressing across multiple courses.

Is it very difficult to achieve this?  If not who wants to do it?  I'll find some money from somewhere if that's what it needs!

See the mock up pic below to see what we are after.

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Re: Global Gradebook
Group Plugin developers
Dan, I have been looking at this issue myself for some time and have posted this The capabilities you are after did work on my 1.9.4 site but when we moved to 1.9.7 I experienced the issues outlined in the post. There is a tracker issue open on this at mdl-17420. Maybe you may be able to get further than I have so far. Cheers Colin
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Re: Global Gradebook

Thanks Colin.  

I wish I had spotted your (previously working) solution before it would have been handy.

Only downside to it is that that patch only appears to apply to exports?  Whereas we need it onscreen...

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Re: Global Gradebook
Group Particularly helpful Moodlers

Has anything been done concerning a global gradebook? We are looking for something similar to Dan's first post.

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Re: Global Gradebook

YEP, I also need it badly...

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Re: Global Gradebook

Yes please, I am going nuts here as I have a Moodle db for a corporate client and they want a monthly report on current status of ALL users results across ALL courses. I am way to stupid to write this myself, so could one of you geniuses out there please help.


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Re: Global Gradebook