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Pieter van der Hijden
optional user fields (2.0.2)

Users may enter their institute and department in their profile. However, how can I make this information visible to other users?

The admin User Policies page enables me to hide/unhide certain user profile fields from display to other people. However the show/hide selection box does not show all fields. A field like the so-called optional field "Skype ID" is in the selection box and can be switched on/off. The following optional fields are missing: Yahoo ID, ID Number, Institution, Department, Phone, Mobile Phone and Address.

Of course, I can create two new user profile fields for entering institution and department. However, then my users will run into confusion as they see two "institution" and two "department" fields to enter.

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Pieter van der Hijden

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Re: optional user fields (2.0.2)
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Pieter - MDL-26882 has been created that addresses this issue and I've added a couple more trivial suggestions. Thanks for noticing and reporting this inconsistency. Feel free to watch, vote, and comment on the issue in the tracker. If you have any questions just let me know. Peace - Anthony

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Re: optional user fields (2.0.2)

Hi Anthony,

I've reviewed MDL-26882, in fact I'm running Moodle 2.2.5 so the changes have been implemented. I see now that in the participant list, the fields that I've selected now appear in table format.

I do not see the fields (like Institution and Department) appearing when I view the course or full profile of user. 

I've ensured that my teachers, non-editing teachers, and students on my site have the capactity: moodle/site:viewuseridentity. 

Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of MDL-26882. How do I get optional user fields I've elected NOT to hide to appear in the full profile or course profile of a user?



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