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Setting up SMTP email

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Setting up SMTP email


The Moodle docs instruct "You will need to set this only (the SMTP relay) if your server does not allow mail relay."  How do I know if my server allows email relay.  There is no instruction on how to check this negating the entire worth of the article.

I installed a Moodle 2.02 site on a Ubuntu 10.04 server that is already hosting a MythWeb site using apache2 virtual hosting.  I have full access to this system however I have never setup Send Mail or anything so how do I check if PHP can send email and where do you enable email relay.

This article: does not really tell you where within the administration environment you need to go to check the settings and most of the information provided is about what it is doing rather than how to make it work.

Many Thanks

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Re: Setting up SMTP email

Just echoing Anthony's comments. Bump up?

Set up a local server on my PC to test it. Running Ubuntu, with Apache, PHP and mysql installed.

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