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Bulk course upload 2.0

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Re: Bulk course upload 2.0
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In some random search I found this today:

"Create a "Bulk course action" menu, allowing several operations (backup, delete, reset, change settings...)"

11 votes in under a month.  This looks like a promising goal.  But there is also this rather old item from Anthony: MDL-17017

"Admin: Evaluate file structure for administrative functions for consistency"

Now I understand why this seemingly simple item (ie bulk course create) is so complex: the database structure is complex, and all the options in setting up a course are difficult.

Clone buttons may to someway towards this.  (it's great now to be able to duplicate activities) but at the course level there are names, shortnames etc to consider and feature creep kicks in immediately.

I still miss, every day, bulk user actions for these areas

  1. users
  2. courses
  3. activities


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