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New Plugin "Global Message"

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Re: New Plugin "Global Message"

Using Moodle v1.9.13, plugin version v1.4.1.

There is also a bug in the plugin.

In the mdl_globalmessages_rules table, the 'rightside' field content is not always saved, resulting an empty field.

This happens when I create a condition (between 2 dates):

1 IF Date Greater than or equal to saturday, 2 february 2013  
2 AND Date Less than or equal to tuesday, 5 february 2013

 Please test creation of this condition, and check the values of the 'rightside' field.

Also note, that the plugin is not displaying any messages, if there is no rule created. I think messages should be displayed even, if there is no any rule created.

Please fix these bugs.

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Re: New Plugin "Global Message"
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Thanks for reporting this typo error.

About the other 2 bugs:  

1. Unsaved rules when selecting range dates. I'm unable to replicate it.

2. No message displaying, if there are not rules created.  This is not a bug. This is how the plugin works. If you want to display message in all pages, you can add the following rule:

IF         Course         Greater than or equal to        0




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