Small change to grade overview report

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Small change to grade overview report

Hi All

Im relativly new to php, but understand the basics. Im trying to adapt the grade/report/overview so that you see the course fullname instead of course shortname. I thought this would be fairly straight forward but everything I try doesnt seem to work. Does anyone have any pointers on what I need to change?



S vO
Re: Small change to grade overview report

I believe its defaulted to show only shortname - you could always just go back into settings and put in your full course name in the short name field.

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Re: Small change to grade overview report
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Hi Andy

Steve is right, a quick look at the code shows that the $courseid field may be used.

If you have any programming knowledge (or at least more then me!) you could alter the field via grade/report/overview/index.php

I hope this helps you get started smile

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Re: Small change to grade overview report

Andy, I too would like to change the program ID to the full program name. I have looked in the overview/index.php and tried changing the $course->id to $course->fullname. Unfortunately that didn't give me any results.

Does anyone out there know how the achieve this easy fix.

Changing the short course name is not an option for me as I have 79 courses and a database that enrolls students automatically using the short course name.


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Re: Small change to grade overview report

Has anyone found a solution for this?

I am also trying to get the Overview Report to display the Course Full Name


Also trying to get it to display alphabetically...



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Re: Small change to grade overview report

As I reported in another threat the grade report does seem to be in a strange order - its almost in course/lesson order- but not quite.

We would like it in lesson order - so perhaps we could request an enhancement so that the grade book is displayed based on a number of different criteria?


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Re: Small change to grade overview report
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I suggest putting a feature request in on tracker and then posting the link here so that people can vote for it.  Currently it displays in the order that activities are added.

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Re: Small change to grade overview report
I would like to see full course name in overview report but also I do not want to put course full name in the short name box...any idea please????Moodle 1.9
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Overview Report Course Full Names displayed

Has there been ANY movement on this?? We need the Overview report to show Course Full Name as well. I too have tried a few edits to try to adjust what is displayed, but it either does nothing, or kicks out a php error. 

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Re: Small change to grade overview report
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Don't know what you've gotten into but this is a one line change in grade/report/overview/lib.php function fill_table change:

                $courseshortname = format_string($course->shortname, true, array('context' => $coursecontext));


                $courseshortname = format_string($course->fullname, true, array('context' => $coursecontext));