Need better grade reports!

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Need better grade reports!

Anyone know of a plugin or block that can give you better grade reports that all print out on one page. The Grade report system on Moodle is terrible! Does anyone know of anything? Preferably something that does reporting like Or if nothing else exporting to PDF??

I have added an attachment as to what I am looking for reporting wise.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Need better grade reports!
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Hi. Im not sure but I think you might be after the user report. Within the Moodle gradebook there are 3 built in reports. The grader report (for teachers), the user report which shows a detailed listing of a user's grades and the overview report which displays a summary of user grades.

Get to the grade book by clicking on "Grades" under Course Administration then you should be able to select the different reports from either a drop down or tabs on the page.

Or are you after something else?

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Re: Need better grade reports!
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Hi Ashly,

I am not sure what feature is missing that you are looking for in the Moodle grade report. My experience with the Moodle grade report has been very positive. All students (face-to-face and online classes) have access to their individual grade report at any time and I encourage them to click on "Grades" in the main class page. Did you give your students access to their grades?

It is true that the weight of each grade category is not automatically visible in the user report. Therefore, I manually added the weight to each category in Grades->Categories and Items->Simple View. The attached document is what the students see (user report).

At the end of a semester I export all grades to Excel and sent them to our registrar. Export to PDF is ideed missing and I am not sure whether anybody is working on it. This is how I use the Moodle gradebook.

With kind regards,


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Re: Need better grade reports!

Hi Everyone,

I don't think I explained very well the problem. I work in a high school program where we have to print out a final report with work samples, we have to have this so students can recieve credit for a course and so we can prove to the state they were enrolled in the course. This report is exactly how the User Report looks on the screen although when you print out the user report they are all different sizes, based on feedback, and the name prints out on a totally different sheat of paper than the grades. The other problem is you can only print on out at a time, if you try to pull up all user accounts then Moodle usually locks up or when they do print names and grades from one student are on the end of the other students pages.

Basically what I am needing is the user report, as it looks on the screen, to export to PDF for all students and to print all on the same page or at least the name of the student to print out on the same page as their grades.

Does this make more sense? Moodles gradebook is just very clunky unlike other online gradebooks such as Engrade, but I am exhausted typing grades into a whole nother program thus I gave Moodle gradebook a shot this semester only to be let down.

I do however love that the students have instant access to their grades, that has made this semester a little easier for them, but the reporting is seriosuly becoming an issue I am not sure how to work around.

Thanks again!

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Re: Need better grade reports!
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If I had to do what you have to do and I didn't want to mess with the coding (which. I might mention, is a lot of fun) -- I'd:

  1. display all the user reports at once (don't know why you're locking up)
  2. using my mouse and holding down the SHIFT key, select all of the page of user reports from the bottom up (because its more exact than top-down)
  3. copy to my clipboard
  4. paste it into Word
  5. paginate it in Word the way you want
  6. either print it to a printer or print it to a pdfprinter (cutePDF, or in some versions of Word)

The focus of the work on the gradebook hasn't been towards your needs, more towards integration of all the other "feeder tools" and accuracy and usability on screen.

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Re: Need better grade reports!

I agree with the orginal poster, that there needs to be a nicer way to print out user reports (perhaps by way of PDF).

However, Bob's suggestion has worked wonderfully for me. Here is something that I did additionally to his suggestions (thanks Bob!):

1. Press Ctrl-A (or "select all") on the User Report page (make sure you have "all users" selected)

2. Paste into Word (perferably 2007 or newer). Takes a little bit: be patient.

Note that not all of the user's reports show up nicely. So:

1. Remove all extraneous details (you would have pasted all of the pages login info, etc.). For me, this was the very top and bottom.

2. Here's where the automation of Word shines. Press Ctrl-F (or select "Find"). Go to the replace tab.

3. Under the replace tab type in what you would like to have changed for all of your reports (i.e. I want a different header, etc.)

4. Type in what you would like to replace in the replace box. Now, to have each person on separate pages affix ^m immediately before the words that you want to replace in the header.

For example I put User Report into the find box, and ^m Interim Report - March 11, 2011 - PHSS into the replace box. Replace All. Voila! Each person has their own page.

If your student run more than two pages, you can print multiple pages per printed page, etc. as you normally would. Also, there are other options (find them under the "Special" dropdown menu in the find dialog box - Word 2007 at least).

Hope this helps some of you while we wait for a nicer way to print these reports. Cheers,


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Re: Need better grade reports!

I like "user report" in Moodle but I also have a problem. I hid the grades from the first semester but they still show up in the user reports. I don't want them to be seen in the 2nd semester reports.  Does anybody know how to clear hidden grades from the user report, so a report with just second semester grades can be printed. Thank you,


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Re: Need better grade reports!

I also agree that it would be great to see Moodle offer this type of export or print option. Since printing of reports is very valuable for me I took the time to set up a word document as a template for my Progress Report and then I exported my grades as an excell file and did a mail merge in word. Takes a little work to set up, but once it is done you can use the same template over and over again and you can make them look and feel the way you want.


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Re: Need better grade reports!

Here is what it looks like once merged with the excell document.

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Re: Need better grade reports!

Hi Ashly -

I've been using Moodle for ~5 years in my face-to-face classes and I still do not use the gradebook for the reasons you stated.  I have tried a couple of times, but always hit obstacles with the reporting.  I need to provide either the original handwritten rankbook (?!) or a printed copy of an electronic rankbook to my administration every year.  Exporting it to Excel and fiddling with the data is more time than I want to spend on this.  Other grading software I've used had report options beyond what Moodle has.  It's the one thing holding me back from actually using the gradebook.  Life would be much easier not having to transfer grades from automatially graded Moodle quizzes into another program!

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Re: Need better grade reports!
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I am a long term fan and evangelist for the virtues of Moodle but its Gradebook is not one of its better features. I use a leading commercial alterternative VLE to moodle and it has a rather nice gradebook with a more intuitive draggy droppy interface.