2.0 wiki and templated first pages

Renata Setmajer-Chylinski
Re: 2.0 wiki and templated first pages

Hi AL,

You got me so very excited but then I came across this statement:

" For individual wiki's, if you want the first page to already be formatted then you WILL have to make the first page for EACH student, before you add it to the Sharing Cart."

Now for a while now we are trying to find a simple Moodle solution for an (individual) learning reflection folio in a language class- without going into Mahara and making it bigger then needed. We are still using Google Docs for that piece (a workaround) but if we could have templated, individual student wikis with pre-designed pages and some prompts there - that would absolutely fit the bill (i.e. a multi page wiki pre-designed by us, set on individual, where student put in their reflections and add docs in the spaces provided)

As we often have hundreds of students in ONE course making the first page for EACH student is simply not sustainable. 
It would be ideal to have a wiki object that one would design and "save as template" and then insert it into a course for students to amend /contribute to individually.

Are we dreaming?

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