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fastcgi - apache module

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fastcgi - apache module

This is the configration of my VPS:

OS: Centos 5

PHP version 5.1.6

one week ago i was have an issue with moodledata/ folder permission here you can see it, i do everything right but the problem was still appearing in my moodle site.

in my PLESK i found this

run php as apache module

i changed it to fastcgi application

the problem disappear

but the question now is what is the difference between the two & what is the best to run moodle in the linux operating system

i do some serach query about the fastcgi & found that it was found with windows iis

can you help, because i want to make the better configration for the server before we start using moodle

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Picture of Richard Siddall
Re: fastcgi - apache module

There are several ways of running PHP programs on a web server. Plesk defaults to using the Apache web servers's mod_php, which runs the PHP programs as the user the web server is running as, usually "apache". This is fast because the web server doesn't need to start another program to run the PHP script. As of (IIRC) Plesk 9.x, you can also run PHP programs as CGI and FastCGI. The CGI option starts the command line version of PHP and runs the PHP script every time you access a page, so it's potentially slow. The FastCGI option starts a separate FastCGI process that the web server uses to run the PHP script, but the process stays around for later page requests so it saves overhead on a heavily used site. Under CGI and FastCGI the PHP script should be run as the user who owns the file.

So, if that solved your problem with the directory /**/**/**/moodledata/, most likely that directory is owned by the Plesk domain's FTP user.

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Re: fastcgi - apache module

Thanks for the insight on the FastCGI option.  That let me finish the install.

Have you ran into any issues running moodle with fastcgi?

I am just getting into restoring my courses and data so I will soon find out if everything still works like it should.

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