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Hubs, Courses and Themes

Hi All...

Can't wait to look at setting up a local/private hub for experimentation. In my environment, K-8, it sometimes takes a cautious teacher a gentle push into the possibilities of using Moodle in a blended instructional environment in order for them to make their own leap. Providing an easy process where by they can download and install a complete Moodle course to address specific content would be awsome!  I'm not sure if this is what Community Hubs can do or not, but it looks promising.

I could see teachers, with a possible incentive, creating complete courses/classroom moodle site templates once they get proficient with Moodle and sharing them out themselves.

Couple of questions:

1. Is there a rating system for submitted courses? And/or a place where members can add a comment/suggestion about specific hub courses?

2. Is it possible to connect some kind of payment system to the Community Hub, say for example PayPal? (In a hub that is private it's not a big deal because teachers can be compensated by the district for what they create, but if you go beyond your local district, some kind of payment system would be nice.)

3. Themes - If a teacher creates a custom theme for a course, what is the recommended way to include the theme in a shared hub course? Maybe load it into the course as a file before uploading to hub?  However, teacher could not install the theme only a Moodle Administrator?

Really liking all the new capabilities and updates in 2.0! smile

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Re: Hubs, Courses and Themes

Hi John,

1. there is a rating system on every hub server. You can see it in action on the hub server, Mooch ( If log into Mooch you'll be able to rate courses. People looking to courses inside their Moodle community finder block, can also see the ratings.

2. It is planned to be able to sell courses on hub server and Mooch, but not in a near future. It is in the specification: I've just created an issue for that in the tracker:

3.It is a really good question I actually never tried if the backup process save themes. I guess if the theme is a Moodle distributed theme and that your administrator allows teachers to select it, it should work. In any other cases it should not work (not installed theme, teachers not allow to setup theme by courses...).
I guess the best alternative would be to add a link to the theme download page in creator notes during publication.

Thanks, I'll update the FAQ with some of your questions (

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