Issues with online test using Moodle

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Issues with online test using Moodle

In a diploma course, online test is conducted using Moodle 1.9.3 and following issues are faced during the online test:

  • Live monitoring of quiz and user: How to get the time spent or the remaining time for each user so that if connection breaks for student, then the remaining time can be given again to start. It is not available directly, and we did not get any plugin for the same.

For the time being we have started a quiz simultaneously at teacher terminal.

  • How to change/modify the quiz time for single user? The case is like if a student logout before time by mistake or b'coz of network problem on his m/c or anyhow, then the timer goes on from client side. Then it is required to kill his current session and start new session with remaining time. Knowing how time is tracked at server and client end may help us to fix the problem.

  • Customized reports are also required. Specifically the report showing activity of each student after a regular interval of time.

  • Network failure is one big problem, that is always a risk. But the support should be available so that things can be recovered from the last point.


Can some body help on above issues and also tell how time is tracked at server and client end. Working for the same can improve usability of Moodle quiz.

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Leena C


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Re: Issues with online test using Moodle

Hi, I'm also wondering how we could get a complete live monitoring tool for quiz.

Any ideas about the amount of development work such a module requires ?

More generally, more information in reports would be appreciated.


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