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DocBook Module to Parse DocBook XML

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DocBook Module to Parse DocBook XML

This is a Moodle plugin for Moodle 2.0+ that allows to parse the docbook.

Unzip the contents of file you downloaded to a temporary folder.
Upload the files to the your moodle server, placing them in the 'moodle/mod/docbook' folder.
Log in as administrator and click on 'Notifications' in the admin area to update the Moodle database, ready to use this plugin.

Click on 'Add a resource' and choose 'Dockbook'.
Enter all the usual information.

Upload package details:
*The package should be .zip file
*The .zip file contains one docbook.xml file. The docbook file name is fixed (docbook.xml). please don't change the name.
*one css file called 'style.css'. This file name is also fixed.
*one image folder contains all the images related to docbook


Known issue: The zip file is not listed in edit mode. Every time you will have to upload and choose the file.

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