Seperate group views of grader report

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Seperate group views of grader report

I have 3 seperate groups set up; one Teacher and two Non-editing Teachers. I'm trying to set it up to where each teacher would only see grades from within their own group instead of all groups.

This is a copy of an older course, and the settings in both seems to be all the same, but in the older version each instructor have seperate views of their Grader Report. However in the new course, the grader report shows grades from "All participants".  Does anyone know how to update this setting?

Re: Seperate group views of grader report

Hi Lynn,

You can go to Administration block > Settings and set Group mode for the whole course to Visible or Separate Groups.

Then your instructors will see the drop-down menu in the User report, which will allow them to select only one group at a time.