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M2.0 RC1 - Login As functionality

Login As functionality in 2.5 ?Where?

This is still an issue in Version 2.5

As admin for my Organisation I am leaping from 1.9 to 2.5 and this function is vital for how my organisation uses Moodle.

In my test site:

  1. I have looked in the Course Admin and can't see how to do it there as was suggested in the first post.
  2. I have set the 'login as' permission for myself as the administrator - in the system context but can't find a 'login as' link anywhere
  3. I have done the same for a teacher role and still can't find a 'login as' link anywhere

Has this option been completely blocked in 2.5?


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Re: Login As functionality in 2.5 ?Where?
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The option has moved since 1.9 - have you checked the new location?
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