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Seeking English language courses

I have added this post to the moodle lounge but I am posting it here too just in case not everybody uses the lounge.

I'm hoping someone can help me....

I started work on creating my own online language courses some time ago but have been slowed down too much by learning about moodle. Regardless, I have spoken at length with a school I help out from time to time and they have asked me for some help. They are getting involved in a project to help teach African, East European and Asian immigrants English, adults in particular, but also children. The aim is to help them be able to survive and work in an English environment.

I have had to admit that I am not going to be able to complete even my first course soon enough for it to be of any help, so I am now charged with finding an alternative solution.

Does anybody have, or know of, moodle (or, I suppose, other format) based English language courses that are available free or at a low cost? This is a non-profit project, so has a tight budget.

If so I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who can help or guide me in the right direction. Please reply either here or by personal message (if confidential).

Thank you.
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Re: Seeking English language courses
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Hi Brian,

I have a number of "courses" that I'd be willing to provide free under a Creative Commons licence for the public you describe. No idea if they'd be suitable :
There's also Deborah Delin's Teach Your Child to Read course: free and suitable for ESL students.

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Re: Seeking English language courses
Thank you..

I'll have to look at this after the weekend - going away for a weekend - and then have a chat with you. To a degree it's not my choice, because the school will ultimately decide what they want to use, but given the purpose I imagine they will be very grateful for whatever you are willing to offer. I know they will also pay you, if you like, but I have no idea what they deem to be a reasonable sum!

Have a good weekend, and thanks.

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