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Quiz Results not Displaying
As I was writing up this problem I came up with the solution. Thought I would share it here anyway in case other people have the same issue!


I have 2 students enrolled in a unit, and they have both done the final quiz. When I click on the '2 attempts' it takes me to the right page but says 'nothing to display'.

I can go into manual grading and manually grade the questions, so I know that they are both enrolled, and that the attempt has been saved.

I have double checked all the settings for both the quiz and the subject and they all seem fine (the same as all the other subjects).

Why can't I see the the results?

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Re: Quiz Results not Displaying
The Solution:

I had been looking at another quiz earlier in the day and changed the attempts I wanted to view to specific letters (First name "D" last name "D") because I was looking for a specific student's results.

Once I'd found them I exited the tab.

When i viewed the results in a different subject those "D" "D" preferences had been saved, and therefore it was showing me nothing. I don't know why it didn't have the alphabet above for me to choose from? Perhaps because there was only two attmepts?

Either way, I went into a different subject (any subject will do), and set the result parameters back to "All" "All", and refreshed the page of the exam I wanted to view and hey presto, I could view it all again!

Problem solved. smile
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Re: Quiz Results not Displaying
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It is still a bug. If Moodle is restricting to just "D", then it should display the initials, so you can change that. Please could you create a bug report at http://tracker.moodle.org/.
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