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UBUNTU: mv: cannot stat `moodle-database.sql.gz': No such file or directory

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UBUNTU: mv: cannot stat `moodle-database.sql.gz': No such file or directory
Hi, while following the instructions from the moodle docs page on backing up your moodle site, I encountered a problem while following the following steps:

cd /my/backup/directory
mv moodle-database.sql.gz moodle-database-old.sql.gz
mysqldump -h -u myusername --password=mypassword -C -Q -e --create-options mydatabasename > moodle-database.sql
gzip moodle-database.sql

I set /my/backup/directory to wherever my moodle backup folder was, and upon the command within terminal as 'root':
mv moodle-database.sql.gz moodle-database-old.sql.gz

I received the message:
mv: cannot stat `moodle-database.sql.gz': No such file or directory
I checked the moodle backup directory to see if there was a file called:

But it wasn't there. What can I do? Is this a file that must be downloaded? Because I haven't found the file on the Internet nor through the Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager Or does it come with installing moodle?

I did a search throughout my computer to see if moodle-database.sql.gz existed, but it did not.

Sorry, I am a beginner when it comes to using moodle. I wanted to create a backup for my site, and I thought it would be simple as the Moodle docs suggested.
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