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1.9.3+ to 1.9.9. post-upgrade email sent to all users

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1.9.3+ to 1.9.9. post-upgrade email sent to all users
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I experienced strange problem after upgrade.
I have upgraded my Moodle installation from 1.9.3+ to 1.9.9. and ALL teachers have recieved email with following content:

$quot; Merlin u školi (

Moodle 1.9.7 contains a number of security fixes to user passwords and backups to protect the user data on your site. As a result some of your settings and permissions relating to backups may have changed.
See the Moodle 1.9.7 release notes for full details.

To reduce the risk of password theft, you are strongly recommended to set a password salt.
See the password salting documentation for details. "

This is higly unprofessional and unwanted feature of Moodle as my users don't need nor want to know version of Moodle and this kind of "security fixes" and "password salting" is most disturbing to them.

Also, mail of this kind _SHOULD_ by all-means be under supervision of admin and not sent by default action of system.

Please, I need to know where to disable this mail for future upgrades.

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Re: 1.9.3+ to 1.9.9. post-upgrade email sent to all users

Hi all,

I'm facing same problem! any help?

My client is worried with this message, is there something wrong we did?

Can we remove this from the notifications link?

Please advise!



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