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Moodle 2 - how to set up breadcrumbs for a module page

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Andrew Normore
Re: Moodle 2 - how to set up breadcrumbs for a module page

Hi Brian, please see the post directly above yours for the answer. It was 3 lines of code. 

If you're still having trouble, make sure you are setting up the page properly:
echo $OUTPUT->header() 

Are you having trouble with it?

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Re: Moodle 2 - how to set up breadcrumbs for a module page
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Thanks for the reply Andrew - I just realised that what I thought was a new question was a summary smile

The problem I am having is not to change the navbar from any module page, but how to insert changes either to breadcrumbs or to add a navigation section in the central column for all modules (I want to add a "<---Previous Activity        Next Activity--->" capability to modules so students can hop from their current activity to the next activity without having to go back to the section display.

Open University courses for example appear to allow the student to move from content to activity to activity to more content without all those sections and long lists of URLs.  Trouble is, I'm trying to stick as much as possible to core Moodle.

My course "simple2" format modifies the URLs and skips empty sections (sections which are primarily just a holder for URLs to the activities and resources) - but I can't find a way to invoke activities like book and give them a "don't go back to section 3 url, go forward to quiz id 245)

Otherwise I can just write a short navigation above each activity/resource, but that doesn't seem like a good long term plan wink

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