New Wiki in Moodle 2.0 Beta ... and a big todo list

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New Wiki in Moodle 2.0 Beta ... and a big todo list
Hi there,

as our dear knight in shinny armor point out, the new wiki is on Moodle 2.0;a=commit;h=00710f4cc17c9519c02dd2c4a7fa7c1dd8545dbf


OK, New wiki is in. Now there's a lot of work to do.
Due to quality and process matters, the new wiki comes in with significant parts disabled or pending to be completed. So now comes the real challenge. We have a new wiki we can improve and maintain, so we can make it a great learning tool.

So, the current todolist:

- NWiki migration. New wiki does not migrate from nwiki at this moment. I'm commited to make this migration happen before summer. My best option is to publish a pre-update migration script that will convert NWiki tables into old wiki tables, so the standard New Wiki can migrate it without changing its code.
- NWiki and Creole Parsers. The wiki parsers are coded and work fine, but need to be integrated as text filters or formats (or what the hack is called that, I always forget)
- Wiki page ratings integrated into Moodle rating engine
- Wiki grading and analysis an reporting tool (come screenshots comming up for debat)
- Improved navigation
- Export and backup restore
and goes and goes...

Now starts the fun part.
ps. HUGE KUDOS to Jordi Piguillem, and the rest of DFWikiteam at UPC Barcelona (with a special mention to David Castro and Ferran Recio who wrote the original DFwiki for Moodle 1.5 back in 2005 )
ps2. See Jordi Piguillem at my office showing the commit time when New Wiki was pushed to Head...
new wiki on moodle 2 beta
ps3. Also big thanks to Martin and Donsheng for this last push to get in.
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