Thou shall not cheat!

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Re: Thou shall not......
Moved and seconded apparently - lol.... though I would argue, in good company I think (Karen Armstrong et al), that the Reformation's attempt to make scripture accessible was in no small part responsible for the gross misunderstanding of scripture as originally intended by the authors ;=}

Consider this fable from the Apocrypha; The Master was furious with his indolent students. He set them an examination that he knew none could hope to manage on their own and having set the trap, advised them he had to run an errand to a nearby village and would be back by sundown. The students observing his departure from the village immediately organized into a committee to defeat the Master's tyranny and spent the entire day working collaboratively to ensure that not only would they pass the test, but that their contrivance could not be sullied through the Masters oral interrogation of the weakest among them. The Master, on his return, was delighted in as much as the students had addressed not one, not two but all three dilemma, and he had spent the day drinking wine in the sun...........
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