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Moodle books available in various languages

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Moodle books available in various languages

Moodle books for teachers and administrators are now available in an increasing number of languages from our Moodle Books database.

Recently added titles include Costruire Siti E-Learning con Moodle by Roberto Chimenti and Moodle Com a Plataforma Educativa de Centre (free download) by Irene Martínez Pérez, Joaquim Vilar Sais, Joan Queralt Gil, Àngels Mustienes Montero and Jordi Fontich Vicens.

Buying a book from the Moodle Books database is one way of helping support Moodle development, as a percentage of all book sales goes to the Moodle Trust.

Moodle manuals in many languages are also available for download from Moodle manuals.