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IMS-CC package restore error

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Re: IMS-CC package restore error
Hi, some time ago we developed a Common Cartridge Minimizer which strips all content off a cartridge to reduce its size. It is offered for download by IMS on the CC Alliance site:

Common Cartridge Minimizer
The Common Cartridge Minimizer is a tool, developed at the University in Koblenz/Germany, to lighten the load when emailing Common Cartridges for inspection by others. It strips off all content from cartridges and retains just the structure of the cartridge. More precisely, it creates copies of cartridges where all non-xml files are replaced by empty files with the same name. This offers two advantages:

  1. The size of the cartridges is considerably reduced
  2. Content to be protected does not have to leave the owner's system

Since the IMS Common Cartridge Specification does not specify internals of content files, these stripped-down cartridges are still tested faithfully by the CC test tool.

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Re: IMS Common Cartridge Minimizer tool
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Thanks Ingo, it's good to know about your Common Cartridge Minimizer tool. I've added a link to it in the documentation IMS Common Cartridge import.
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