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Over a hundred particularly helpful Moodlers

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Over a hundred particularly helpful Moodlers

A big thank you to everyone who helps provide 24-hour Moodle support by answering questions in the forums. A special thank you to our particularly helpful Moodlers, of which there are now over a hundred! approve

Particularly helpful Moodlers are people who have written a lot of useful forum posts, as determined by the Moodle community when they rate posts.

In addition to the Particularly helpful Moodlers group in Using Moodle, there is a Moodlers de gran ayuda group in Moodle en Español and a Moodleurs particulièrement utiles group in Moodle en français. Our Community credits page lists particularly helpful Moodlers past and present.

Recently rated posts in Using Moodle are shown in a block on the course page and are also available via Moodle News on Twitter.