Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0

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Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
I have released a major update to the Banner/LMB plugin, now at version 0.8.0. It can be downloaded at:

Here is the change log:
Changes since 0.6.1r189:
Records grading modes for enrolments (for future enhancements)
Decreased unnecessary db updates
Fixed bug during new course creation
Merged crosslists that are created after course population are properly handled.
Crosslist type (meta or merged) can be specified in input XML using tag.
Support for self assigning course idnumbers with 'Plugin Internal' sourcedidsource.
New XML input interface
Moved all settings out of global config and into plugin config.
LMB status check no works without storing XML.
Imports of a large number of courses significantly sped up.
Percent complete status messages during file imports.
Option to ignore capitalization of username.
Ability to import folder of XML (extracts).
Ability to import complete term extract, dropping enrolments not included.
Fixed problem that caused XML to not be stored if the server did not have PHP MySQL installed.
Significantly sped up creation of large number of course
Records are no longer updated if no changes need to be made. This keeps the transaction records in PostgreSQL from becoming overly large, requiring a full vacuum.
Now prepends date and time to log entries.
Email domain can now contain regular expresions. This is encapsulated in "/^" and "$/" by the module for execution. See documentation for PHP function preg_match().
New cron options to automatically unhide courses a certain number of days before the course start date.
New course option to set new course visibility based on cron course visibility settings.
LMB trigged log entries are prepended with 'LMB Message'
Term file no longer needed for extract folder import.
New setting to limit the precent dropped in a comprehensive import.
Added option to add users in a merged crosslist to a group based on their original course.
Added an option to use the default Moodle course settings
Included some tools that can be used with the module. View them at http://you.com/moodlesite/enrol/lmb/tools
New options for courses to be placed into a Term category then a Department sub-category
Fixed bug with mnetids that caused new users to be created at 'remote'
Changed to using php://input to get post XML data. This increases compatibility and decreases memory usage.
Fixed a bug which could, in certain rare circumstances, result in a user being dropped from all Moodle courses.
Fixed problem where courses that were previously in a crosslist were prevented from entering a new crosslist.


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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
The link to http://you.com/moodlesite/enrol/lmb/tools seems to be broken (at least I have not been able to access it across several attempts).

Also, is there someplace where I can view some documentation, specifically a list of all of the synchronized events?


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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
That is not a literal link, you appent /enrol/lmb/tools to whatever the url to you moodle install is.

The synced events are person change, enrolment change, course change. For more specific information, you will need to view the SunGard documentation on partner integration, which is available from their support document area.

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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
Thanks Eric. I misread the comments in the link as a link to the tools, not as something that runs from within the site based Moodle framework.

To be clear the events we can do are :

  1. Create Person Data
  2. Create Course Data
  3. Create Cross-List Group Data
  4. Create Cross-List Membership Data
  5. Create Course Section Data
  6. Create Student Enrolment Data
  7. Create Faculty Assignments
The Events that are not supported are
  1. Create College Data
  2. Create Department Data
  3. Create Department Membership Data
  4. Create Term Data
  5. Grade Exchange (something that is in progress)

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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
That appears to be correct, except it does process 'Create Term', be depending on setting, it may not have any apparent effect. When you categorize course by term, that data is used to create the category (mostly it is used to get the full name of the term).

Also note that it just ignores messages it doesn't process, so there are no errors, and you don't need to make any effort to block them. As for College, Department, and Department Membership, we don't use any of those messages in our U, but if there is some way that seems logical to use them in Moodle, I would be glad to extend my module to cover them, just let me know.

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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
Thanks again,

The College, Department and Dep membership are not necessary for us at the moment, I just need to make sure I am reporting accurately.

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me :)
Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
Out of curiosity, does this require all the Luminus "stuff" to work, or can it be done if you just have Banner?
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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
We don't use the Luminous product itself, what we have is an integration piece of a Java Messaging server, and a java gateway (extracts the xml from the database and pushes it to the jms), plus some Banner packages and queue tables and event triggers that act on the relevant tables.

It is definitely possible to create the code to perform bulk extracts and generate events, I would suggest it is not a trivial undertaking, but it is possible.
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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
There *seems* to be an issue with LMB and this version of Moodle:
Moodle Version: Moodle 1.9.7+ (Build: 20100317)
LMB Version: 0.8.3

Notifications indicate tables created successfully.

Clicking Edit under Administration > Courses > Enrolments for Banner/Luminis Message Broker I see the following text but nothing else (no save button, no options whatsoever).

Any suggestions?

This module provides a way to integrate Moodle with Banner. You can either use the Luminis Message Broker to provide realtime updates, in the same way as WebCT, or using Banner export files.

This module is not affiliated with, or endorsed by SunGard in any way.

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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
I have this problem as well.

At first I thought it was just me! Would love to get a workaround to see how well this plays with our Moodle/Banner installs.

Anyone else?


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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
Dear all,

In order to facilitate communication among a group of people/institutions using the Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin to integrate Banner with Moodle, I've set up a Google Group mailing list:


I invite people who work closely with the administration and maintenance of Moodle AND the Banner/LMB plugin to join so that we can share information, troubleshoot, and further the development of the plugin as Moodle and Banner upgrade to various new versions. Please spread the word to other LMB/Moodle using colleagues!

Clark Shah-Nelson
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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
Eric (or anyone else).

We are not using Luminis as we'd just like to use XML to import to Moodle.

Could anyone provide me with a sample of the XML output that we need to format to ensure the import into Moodle is successful?

What's the difference between this and IMS method?


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回應: Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0
Dear Eric (or anyone else)
I am looking to integrate our college's Moodle installation with Banner using the Banner without Luminis Message Broker.

Our system team are familar with Banner which currently works with our Blackboard installation).

I know you have write a plugin is available for banner and moodle integration,but we don't have Luminis Message Broker or sample import XML files extract from Luminis Message Broker.

Therefore,Could anyone give me some example XML files or any other format of file which suit the following plugin wrote by Eric without Luminis Message Broker???

Luminis Message Broker enrollment Module.
Version: 0.8.5
Moodle version: 1.9.x
Maintainer: Eric Merrill (merrill@oakland.edu)


Suki Hung
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Re: Banner/Luminis Message Broker plugin update 0.8.0


Has this been tested on Moodle 2.0 and Banner 8?

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