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matbury mp3 player
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Dear Moodle HotPotters and QuizPorters,

the latest version of the QuizPort module includes a new mp3 player developed by Matt Bury, who is well known in Moodleland for his fine work integrating Flash into various parts of Moodle.

The important point about Matt's new player is that allows the teacher to control how many times the audio is played in each attempt at the quiz. It answers the call I sometimes get from teachers who wish the students to be allowed to listen to the audio only once.

You can find out more about the player here:
You can insert it into a QuizPort quiz as follows:
  • [audio.mp3 matbury]
The default settings for the quiz will load the audio file and wait for the student to click the start button before playing. You can also have the audio file play back immediately and automatically using the following settings:
  • [audio.mp3 matbury showPlay=false waitToPlay=false]
As always the QuizPort module can be downloaded from my server:
all the best
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