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Canberra Institute of Technology chooses Moodle

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Canberra Institute of Technology chooses Moodle

The Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in Australia has selected Moodle Partner NetSpot to provide support for the introduction of the institute's new integrated e-learning solution "eLearn", based on Moodle, content repository EQUELLA and the Wimba Collaboration Suite.

As lead contractor, NetSpot will be providing a wide range of services to CIT, including implementation consulting, training, systems integration, load testing, Moodle configuration and customisation.

All Moodle Partners contribute directly to the ongoing development of Moodle software via funding or expertise, so by making use of NetSpot's services, CIT is helping support Moodle development.

According to Allan Christie, Founder and Managing Director of NetSpot, "CIT's choice of the best-of-breed open source learning management system (Moodle) combined with leading proprietary systems (Wimba and EQUELLA) adds value to the core LMS offering".