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How much will it cost to implement a Moodle system

I am currently doing my thesis on Learning Environments.

I am looking for a cost to implement a Moodle VLE for a college with approximately 2,000 student also need a cost of other material needed such as routers, switches. Also how much RAM is needed.

Can anyone help me write back asap 


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Re: How much will it cost to implement a Moodle system
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Aidan - The Lounge is typically used for more casual conversations. Questions are better asked in the Using Moodle forums. Your question sounds like a Hardware/Performance question so you could try the Hardware and Performance forum. You may wish to start at Installing_Moodle#Hardware. As for cost, it depends if you are buying a server and starting from scratch or hosting with someone like a Moodle Partner. There are many variable to factor in to the equation so I would encourage you to share more specifics about your situation and ask folks to comment or make recommendations. The type of server needed depends on what types of activities are being done, how many users are expected to be connected concurrently, etc. Best of luck with your thesis. Peace - Anthony
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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: How much will it cost to implement a Moodle system
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If you just want a number to quote in a thesis, then looking at what a Moodle Partner would charge for hosting to get a rough figure, is probably the best thing.

However, I suspect that for any real Moodle installation (or any other VLE for that matter), most of the cost is in using the system effectively, not the hardware and installation costs.

For example, you have to give your teachers time and training to learn to use Moodle effectively in their teaching. You have to have support available to help people who have forgotten their passwords, or have other similar problems. You have to do some maintenance to create new courses each year, and archive old ones. You have to run regular backups. You have to keep your installation up-to-date.
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