IIS 7 NTLM and SSO Problems

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Re: IIS 7 NTLM and SSO Problems

What was the looping you were getting? Just wondered if it was similar to wht I'm getting.

Because our moodle (2.4.1) is setup on a windows 2008R2 server with Apache and IIS7. The duality is so that IIS can handle our external https access (which uses the regular login page and works fine).
While the internal access is Apache using mod_auth_sspi(?). However when I turn on the NTLM SSO authetication it seems to work OK for most students, but I tried a laptop yesterday having been shown by one of the other technicians where it looped for him.
Instead of failing the NTLM and reverting to the ntlm skipped login page it tries to recheck and recheck and recheck looping indefinitely. The popup request is also not up long enough to make any serious use of. So I could do with either a way of extending that time or sorting out why it's looping like that.
Clicking the continue link to take you manually to the skip ntlm login page actually returns it to trying ntlm. I did setup the alternateloginurl to point to the ntlm_sso_attempt file, but without that I just get a regular login page and it doesn't even try ntlm. I'd like to use SSO, at least inside the school so that I can start to expand how it's used.

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