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I just made a new admin report

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Re: I just made a new admin report

Hi guys,

I've been looking for something like this for a while as I am needing to make a "Report Card" section for my site.

Using Jason Hollowel's code I've been able to generate a list that shows EVERY students final grades, but this leads to a glaring privacy concern.

This is Jason's code that I've been using, I'm wondering if we can change it to suit my needs.

prefix_course.fullname AS "Course",
ROUND(prefix_grade_grades.finalgrade, 2) AS "Final Grade",
prefix_user.firstname AS "First Name",
prefix_user.lastname AS "Last Name",
prefix_user.username AS "Username"
INNER JOIN prefix_user ON prefix_grade_grades.userid =
INNER JOIN prefix_grade_items ON prefix_grade_grades.itemid =
INNER JOIN prefix_course ON prefix_grade_items.courseid =
WHERE = prefix_grade_grades.itemid
AND (prefix_grade_items.courseid =
AND (prefix_grade_grades.finalgrade > 0)
AND (prefix_user.deleted = 0)
AND (prefix_grade_grades.timecreated IS NULL)
AND prefix_grade_items.itemtype = 'course'


I need to have something that a student can click on "Report Card" and they will be taken to a list that shows them all of their final grades in all of the courses they are enrolled in (but only their own grades).  This also needs to be organized by Course Category (Each year/cohort has three terms so it looks like "Year 1"(category) -> "Term 1"(sub-category) -> "Science"(course)

I'd love it to look like this (or at least have this information) when a student clicks on Report Card.  I dont know or understand SQL at all so any help would be wonderful!

Joe Student Term 1 English 90%
Joe Student Term 1 Math 90%
Joe Student Term 1 Science 90%
Joe Student Term 2 English 80%
Joe Student Term 2 Math 80%
Joe Student Term 2 Science 80%

Thanks so much for helping out!!!

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How to get report of course completion

I need sql query to list all user who completed course

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Re: How to get report of course completion
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You will need to find the column in the database table that holds the final course completion value.

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Re: How to get report of course completion

I would like a report that lets me see who has done what on a course and when but will also let me pull the department field from the user account.  I think we may use the Town field for this rather than create our own fields.


Is this possible?





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