Deleting grade history

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Deleting grade history

Wondering if you can help: We have students who are repeating the same course and we notice that their grades from last year are still on the gradebook. We have tried using the server=> cleanup=> Grade history lifetime setting, to try and remove their grades from the gradebook, but it does not seem to work. Is there some way we can remove last year's grades from the gradebook? We are running 1.9.3

Any help would be appreciated!

Dave Murray
Re: Deleting grade history

Hi Rob,

I click on the link to quiz activity at the top of the grade book and then select all attempts (or the attempts I want to delete) and delete.

While the front end approach might seem laborious, it takes me about 15 - 20 mins to delete attempts by the 500+ students that enrol on my courses. If there is a more efficient approach through the database, I'd be happy to hear about it too.