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Link/Button, Wizard UI guidelines: request for feedback

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Link/Button, Wizard UI guidelines: request for feedback
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Hi all,

We have quite a few new UI guidelines in the Docs. I would especially like to get feedback on the following:
- Link vs. Button
- Wizard
- The overall readability of the guidelines: how useful you think it can become, and to which direction *you* think it should be developed

Thank you everybody for participating in the various related discussions! I also want to thank those who have given me hints about different efforts I should have a look at as a part of this project. I know I have not responded to all of it - I will. Please bear with me.

A more detailed report and analysis of the various efforts of the summer:

It is the last day of GSoC, so the development of the UI guidelines will be a lot slower from now on on my part as I will concentrate on graduating. However, I invite everybody to continue contributing to them, like some already have during the project.
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