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Thanks to great all-rounder Tim Hunt

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Thanks to great all-rounder Tim Hunt

A big thank you to Tim Hunt for his outstanding contribution to Moodle whilst working at Moodle HQ in Perth.

In the past twelve months, Tim's work has included:

In addition to contributing tons of code, Tim has been a particularly helpful Moodler in the Using Moodle forums, a mentor for the GSOC 2009 project Moodle UI consistency improvements, and has made lots of valuable contributions to our developer documentation. Tim has even found the time to blog. (His post The geeks don't really matter is recommended reading!) It's difficult to convey how much Tim has achieved in the past year, as he's such a great all-rounder. approve

We look forward to continuing to benefit from Tim's contributions to Moodle when he returns to his permanent job in the UK as a developer at The Open University.