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GSOC 2009 projects update

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GSOC 2009 projects update

Our Google Summer of Code 2009 students are now just over half way through their projects and are making great progress!

Andrei Băutu has developed a Riffly integration repository plugin for recording audio and video content. The content is stored on the servers and requires no streaming software or storage space in Moodle. For further details see the record audio repository plugin spec and tracker issue MDL-18341.

Jose Cedeno has named his new course format 'Timeline'. This course format enables teachers to easily add new course sections to the top of the course page. A demo is now available - see the discussion Timeline Course Format - please help with testing! and tracker issue CONTRIB-1403.

Olli Savolainen, our usability specialist, has a tracker meta-issue MDL-19586 for his project Moodle UI consistency improvements. These days Olli is often to be found in the Using Moodle forums giving valuable advice on usability issues.

Mihai Sucan has begun work on integrating his paint tool into Moodle (MDL-18651). See the discussion PaintWeb demo - please test if you fancy having a play with the paint tool.

Alberto J Varela has created his first patch (MDL-19286) as part of his Google Gears integration. Offline mode will allow students without an Internet connection to access activities in Moodle, then synchronize their work when they are next online. For further details, see Alberto's blog Moodle GSoC 2009.

A big thank you to all our GSOC students and their mentors for their Moodle development work. approve Please help and encourage our students by providing comments and feedback about their projects. See GSOC/2009 for links to discussions, tracker issues and developer blogs.