Track Student Forum Participation [Reads, Posts]

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Track Student Forum Participation [Reads, Posts]
I'm sure Moodle does what I need but have not found the solution.

I want to track student posts / reads in Moodle forums. Prior to Moodle we used Bb Vista.

This is a simple view of how Blackboard Vista does it.

I did read this doc.

Students get graded on forum participation. They must add their post and respond to two peer posts.

Is there a way to track this same kind of student activity in Moodle?


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Re: Track Student Forum Participation [Reads, Posts]
Hi Dawn,

I'm doing much the same thing with my forums. I use the reports section of the course (in the left hand menu) and set activity to the forum I'm interested in and the dates to all dates and the actions to add for posts and replies, and view, if I want to see how they've been reading the forum. I usually download this as an excel spreadsheet to sort it by student.

There is also an activity report that gives you a summary for all the forums in a class.
Checking the forum posts and activity reports for each student from their profile page provides a bit more information, but requires visiting each page.

I'm not totally happy with this way of doing things. There is no way to automatically link the grade to a number of posts made. The gradebook just averages the ratings of however many posts they do. So I have to go back and add or subtract points if they do less or more posts than required. There is also no way of easily distinguishing between forums that require more posts, and should get more points, from those with less, except via each forum into a grade category and adjusting how much it is worth.

It also doesn't seem to distinguish between posts and replies as BB does.

If someone else has found a better way of doing this in Moodle. I'd be thankful.

I hope this is of some small help


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Re: Track Student Forum Participation [Reads, Posts]
Thank you for this helpful information. I will communicate this info with the teacher.

If we find a more intuitive way, I will post.

Thanks again.
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Re: Track Student Forum Participation [Reads, Posts]


I, too, have been frustrated with this. We also require students to post a certain number of posts. I want to give them a grade based on the quality of the posts as well as a minimum quantity of posts. I had a work-around system in Moodle 1.8.x, but 1.9.x "broke" that system. Here is the process I finally decided to use.

  1. We set the Aggregate type for forums to "Count of ratings."
  2. At the end of the week, the instructor goes to the grade book and notes any student who has not made the minimum number of posts.
  3. Then the instructor goes to the forum and changes the Aggregate type to "Average of ratings."
  4. Now the instructor just needs to go back to the grade book and over-ride the grade for any students who did not make the minimum number of posts.

I have another "wrinkle" in our grading. I only want to count substantive posts towards the grade, but I do not want to discourage students from making those positive posts that are not substantive but are good for discussion: e.g. "That's a great idea! I've never thought of it in that way before!" For those posts, the instructor does not assign  a  rating (so it does not get included in the "count of ratings). Rather, the instructor clicks the edit link and puts the word "Read" at the end of the post. This notifies the student that the instructor read the post, but that it was not substantive enough for a rating. That way a non-substantive post does not get averaged as a zero or counted towards the minimum number.


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