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I have been researching Moodle to see if it is the right fit for our company. We use Infusion Software to manage our ECommerce/Contacts/Marketing. I need to know if I can connect infusionsoft to Moodle like I could to Joomla.

I also want to know if Moodle can do the following.

- If a client stops paying or a monthly payment is not successful I need it to block them from accessing the course they have signed up for. (payments are tracked in my infusionsoft)

- Does Moodle have the ability to store Credit Card information that the client can update when needed? How much can we edit the clients personal homepage so that it is easy for them to update any personal info (ie credit card, username, password). I also want it to show what courses and products they have already purchased.

Also if there is a website or link that I could go to that will give me a really thorough overview of Moodles capabilities I would really appreciate it.


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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Infusionsoft/Moodle
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I suggest you look into Authentication and Enrolment plugins. They are the way that Moodle has to get information like this out of other systems. Without knowing the details, it sounds likely that what you want to do is possible.

Moodle user profile fields are customisable, so you can let people type in credit card numbers, and have them hidden form other users. On the other hand, they would be stored in the database unencrypted, which sounds very dangerous to me. It might be better to keep billing and credit card number handling out of Moodle in the specialist software you already have.

Moodle documentation live on Also, there are Moodle Partner companies that can offer commercial support/hosting/consulting, if you choose to go that way.

But Moodle is also free, so you could just head over to the download page and grab a copy to install on your desktop computer so you can experiment with the features.
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Re: Infusionsoft/Moodle
We use aMember with Moodle for all billing needs. They have an integration plugin with Moodle which works great.
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Re: Infusionsoft/Moodle

There is almost certainly no way any ecommerce system (that is connecting realtime anyway) is going to give you access to credit card data.

In the UK, Worldpay ( have Futurepay that will allow recurring billing - the question will be how to link it to your Moodle.

We produce Course Merchant ( that may allow you to do what you're looking for.  It has a duration capability that allows a time period to be specified and then closes off enrollment to a course upon expiry.


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Re: Infusionsoft/Moodle

Hi Cyndi,

Did you have any luck re: integrating Infusionsoft with Moodle? I am just about starting work on a project with the excat same requirement & was wondering if you are willing to exchange notes?

Look forward to receiving your reply.



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Re: Infusionsoft/Moodle

Hi George et al, 

I'm also looking for infusionsoft advice. Has anyone got anywhere with this? Essentially I'm after tags to be applied in IS once courses are completed etc.


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