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Moodle 1.0.5

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 1.0.5
Well, I think it's time for another release! smile As promised these releases are coming a bit slower now, with more new features and more testing.

Moodle 1.0.5 contains the following improvements over 1.0.4:
Most variables are now stored in the database and modifed using an admin form - this means config.php can be much shorter (only 8 items). The GD version is now auto-detected on all versions of PHP. New authentication plug-ins are now supported (auth directory). Upgrades now display a list of improvements in the upgrade (eg like this list).

Language improvements
We have three new languages! French, Finnish and Portuguese (Brazil). The authors are on the credits page in the Moodle documentation. Individual users can choose their own display language (so that all web pages and mailouts will be in that language). Also, languages can now be easily edited directly via an admin web page.

Theme improvements
The standard theme code has been tidied up. It is now easier to hack them and make your own themes. Existing themes are 100% compatible. One new feature is that the home page can have a different look to the other pages. A new standardlogo theme has been added that shows you how to put your logo on the front page (eg like does)

User improvements
The user profile editing page now has a better layout. The list of participants now switches to various "condensed modes" when displaying larger classes. All user listings now support sorting by column. The admin user can now delete (disable) user accounts so that the user isn't displayed anywhere.

Activity improvements
The "recent activity" box now also shows journal entries and submitted assignments and surveys. The guest user can no longer edit *anything* at all. A new reading type called "HTML text" allows experienced users to use pure HTML.

Many tweaks to the interface and small bugs fixed, such as the one that displayed the guest icon sometimes on course listings, even when guest was actually disabled.

My thanks to the small but growing community of testers, developers and users that have helped with this release!