Low Grade/Attendance Notification Module for Retention?

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Low Grade/Attendance Notification Module for Retention?
I've been looking around the forums and the tracker to see if anything like this is in the works - but I'm not finding anything. Wondering if any developers know of a module or core aspect in development?

My idea is this:
to add functionality either in the Gradebook or in the Administration block, a link called "Notifications" which could enable a system for notifying various parties:
  • students could set up notifications for self,
  • teachers could set them up as reminder to contact students, parents, counselors, etc.
  • administrators could set them up to notify parents, counselors, advisors, registrar, etc.) about such aspects that can lead to lower retention/persistence, higher attrition rates, such as:
  • low grades (below X) - either at the assignment, timing (weekly, daily?) or overall course grade level (choosing to whom to send notification to...)
  • assignments/quizzes - send out notification x amount of time prior to due date/time to ...send out notification of low score below X to ...
  • notification based on logins/report logs
    • if user has not logged in for x many hours/days/weeks send notification to (...)
In the higher ed. realm this could help notify the instructor first and foremost to track low scores and no-shows in larger classes, perhaps students would use this in case they are slacking and need a reminder. In some cases our instructors have to report no shows to registrar, or high school teachers report low overall grades to counselors, so that could be set up to automate.

I think in general the *option* of gradebook notifications would be very beneficial to any learning management system/virtual learning environment (and already exists in at least a couple of them) so that users can choose to use it if they like.

Automated notifications based on certain criteria, along with the ability to set to whom the notifications go, could help a lot with attrition, retention, dropout tracking efforts.

I figured I'd first see if something like this is in the works, and then submit to the tracker to see if there might be some support...

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Re: Low Grade/Attendance Notification Module for Retention?
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We developed a Moodle 2 core feature which does not at all do what you suggest, but it's slightly similar, and part of the intention behind it was to help aid retention.

Basically with the 'activity completion', when you set up a course you can set activities to be marked as 'completed' by students, either by students manually ticking them, or for things like quiz, you can set the system to tick it once the quiz is submitted. Forum lets you make it tick itself when the user has eg posted 3 times say.

This is nice for students because they get to feel like they're making visible progress through a course. But the retention part is that tutors can look at the progress of their students against these activities, as a chart showing all the students against all the activities. So they can track whether a student maybe didn't take part in that forum, or hasn't submitted a quiz. When you set up the activities you can also set dates, which display on the chart the tutors see, for when you'd expect the user to have completed certain activities.

If this didn't make sense, sorry, it's a little hard to explain. smile I did some screencast videos for the other part of the features we contributed (this is all to do with conditional activities) but not for this part. Maybe I'll do one for this at some point, but there are a few minor enhancements I want to make first...

Anyway as I said this is very different to your feature, and does not in fact have any notification function at all. So not suggesting you should abandon your plans. Just you asked if there was anything slightly similar...


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Re: Low Grade/Attendance Notification Module for Retention?
Sounds like it's in a similar vein, indeed, thanks. I'm wondering if my idea above would be a best fit for the gradebook, or more of a core function, such as fitting in with the course activity reports?

Is it more likely to happen as part of the gradebook, or as part of the administration block/activity logging for a course?
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Re: Low Grade/Attendance Notification Module for Retention?

Hi Clark, 

I'm just wondering if anything came of your idea/request. I know it's been a while now. I'm also interested in automated email messages for attendance. 



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Re: Low Grade/Attendance Notification Module for Retention?

Hi Clark,

As requested by Whitney, I am also looking for the features asked by Whitney in his earlier messages. Is it possible for us to edit the attendance module to achieve those features?